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Self-evaluation; self-concept

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(2004) Academic achievement and US students' self-perception
(2004) A comparison of the psychological effects of standard exercises with those of space exercises in autogenic training
(2004) A correlation research on time management disposition and self-confidence of undergraduates
(2000) A criticism of "the naive self-concept" from the Zen psychological perspective
(2004) A cross-cultural study on adolescents' perceptions of the physical self
(1992) `Actual-ideal' discrepancies in the representation of self and significant-others and psychological well-being of Chinese adolescents
(2000) Adaptive functions of social comparison in developmental regulation: upward, downward, and lateral
(2000) A developmental study of the life-course transition in Japanese women
(2000) Adolescent development and identity issues
(1992) Affective disorders and gender specific self-esteem in multiple sclerosis
(2004) A large comparative study on generation, gender, and geography in Japan
(2004) A longitudinal study of body change strategies among children
(1992) A metatheory of the self
(1992) Analyses des différents discours pour évaluer l'identité adolescente
(2000) An analysis of sociometric data by using Socion model
(2000) An applicational study of emotional activation using cosmetics for elderly women at a nursing home
(2000) Androgyny personality type and self-esteem revisited
(2000) A neuropsychological hierarchical model of self-awareness
(1992) A new perspective on self-realization
(2004) An examination of the specific vulnerability hypothesis in high-risk children and adolescents
(2004) An experimental study of self-monitoring training
(2004) An exploratory study on the characteristics of Chinese middle school students' self-concept
(2000) An implicit self-enhancement system in interpersonal relationships among Japanese
(2004) An investigation of the relationship between self-esteem and sport achivement among footballers and wrestlers
(1992) Anxiety and development of self-concept in Japanese university students
(1992) Applied art therapy to art education
(1992) Appraisal and coping: a critical evaluation of Lazarus' model and its practical applications
(1992) Approche psychosociale des processus de redéfinition de soi chez les personnes atteintes par le VIH
(2004) A project of attribution training about employees' self-efficacy
(2000) Are boys only interested in muscles? Body change strategies among adolescent boys and girls
(2004) Are core self-evaluations mediators or moderators of the relationship between organizational commitment and readiness for change?
(2004) A relational study on general self-efficacy, coping styles, and subjective well-being in Chinese university students
(2004) A research on individual differences of self-confidence among college students
(2004) A research on the correlation between two factors and mental health, self-concept
(2004) A research on the factors related to time perspective
(2004) A research on the factors related to time perspective
(2004) A research on the relations of university students' self-confidence with achievement motivation and school scores
(2004) A research on the self-identity of undergraduates in China
(2004) A research on the structure of Chinese postgraduates' vocational value
(1992) A self-awareness reduction model of excessive eating
(1992) Assertiveness training as a way out from the conflict between adaptation and self-realization
(2004) Assessing and modifying implicit self-esteem
(2000) Association of self-regulation with personality trait of ZKPQ
(2004) A structural analysis of goal instability, self-esteem, alienation and subjective well-being among Korean older adults
(2004) A study about effects of the correlated factors on development of self-esteem in adolescents
(2004) A study of purposeful character and self-control capacity
(2004) A study of the developing features of macao junior high school students' self-concept
(2004) A study of the perception of the physical self of older adults in China
(2004) A study of the relationship between idolatry and academic self-concept and achievement of middle school students
(2004) A study of the structure of self-esteem with the approach of implicit social cognition
(2004) A study on self-worth development of technical secondary school students
(2004) A study on the effects of self-esteem on self-assertiveness in adolescents
(2004) A study on the promoted self-esteem of students by shadowboxing practice
(2004) A study on the relations between student-teacher relationship viewed by student and their development on self-concept and social emotion
(2004) A study on the structure of cultural identification and on its relationship with self-esteem for the Tibet college students
(2000) A study on the structure of the middle school students' mental quality in China
(2004) A test of the integration of the hopelessness and self-esteem theories of depression in children of affectively ill parents: A multi-wave longitudinal study
(1992) Attractiveness, self-esteem and body image
(1992) Attributional categories involved in excuse giving
(1992) Autobiographical memory and the self: significant event memories in constructing the self-concept
(1992) Auto-perception des compétences sociales chez des gar█ons agressifs à l'école primaire
(2000) Balance model of orientation toward self and toward others: implications for self-esteem
(1992) Barriers to women's midlife development
(2004) Behavioral anger response in relation to perceived physical health and self-esteem
(2004) Behavior problems and self-concepts of underachievement in middle school students
(2000) Between cultures: search for identity
(2004) Bicultural self
(2000) Body consciousness: cross-cultural evidence from Iran and Japan
(2004) Body consciousness: Cross-cultural evidence from Iran and Japan
(2000) Body image and depression - a longitudinal study of adolescents aged 13-18
(2004) Body image and self-esteem: A developmental perspective
(1992) Body image and the self-concept in bulimia
(2000) Body image, culture, and physical condition
(2000) Body image in children submitted to a surgical intervention
(2000) Border police in the land of desire: the construction and modification of gay social identities.
(2004) Changes in self-esteem and self-acceptance among heroin addicts undergoing non-institutional rehabilitation program in Malaysia
(1992) Characteristics of social behaviours in SIMSOC games
(2000) Children's perception about their overweight
(2000) Children's proximity to their family members through kinetic family drawings
(2004) Chinese traditionality/modernity: The source of interdependent self and independent self?
(2000) Clinical parameters, well-being, coping and levels of self-esteem among patients with musculoskeletal pain
(2000) Closeness moderates the impact of social comparisons within intimate relationships
(2004) College students' relationship trouble and their self-congruence
(2004) Comparative study of body image among dancers and anorexic girls
(2000) Comparative study of sex differences in body image effects upon self-esteem in relation to social stress
(2004) Comparing the Self-esteem Among ordinary student and those under the protection of Aid committee in Gonbad
(2004) Comparison and priming effect of implicit and explicit self-esteem
(2004) Compilation and appliance of academic self-efficacy scale
(2000) Concenter drawing - a projective method
(2004) Conception of parents, children and self: Comparison of a matched sample of parents and adolescents in Korea
(2000) Concept of right as an issue of psychological analysis
(2000) Conceptual thinking and psychosocial identity formation
(1992) `Connected' and 'separate' self-schemata in adult males and females
(2000) Construct and discrimunant validation of two facets of private and public self-consciousness
(2004) Constructing and verifying of self-esteem model (i): A theory of structure and processing way of self-esteem
(2000) Constructing selves in spaces between gender coherence and gender fragmentation
(2000) Constructing the other, liberating the self
(2004) Contemporary Japanese attitudes toward self and gender 2: The gender and age differences of public-self consciousness in Japan
(2000) Continuity of the attachment self-dimension from childhood to adulthood
(2004) Coping and defense mechanisms resources in young adults with cleft lif and/or palate
(2004) Correlation between self-concept and temperament of secondary school student
(2004) Correlation of parents' and teachers' attitude toward children on their self-evaluation
(2000) Could it happen to you? Predicting the impact of downward comparisons on the self
(2000) Critical spaces, psychological spaces
(1992) Cross-cultural assessment of self-esteem
(1992) Cross-cultural differences in the self-concept
(2000) Cross-cultural peculiarities research of yourself experience organization of psychosomatical patients
(1992) Cultural differences and similarities of self-concept and self-schema between US and Japanese students
(2000) Cultural identity and European integration: mental split among Poles
(2000) Cultural psychology of the self.
(1992) Cultural self-representation - a new model of cross-cultural I/O psychology
(2004) Cultural values and Independent vs. Interdependent self conceptions in two generations
(2000) Culture and self: implications for psychological inquiry
(1992) Culture and self revisited
(2004) Culture and self
(1992) Culture and the self: implications for cognition, emotion and motivation
(1992) Culture and the self
(2004) Culture-dependent assimilation and differentiation of the self: Preferences for consumption symbols in the USA and China
(2004) Culture, self, and wellbeing: The voluntary settlement hypothesis
(2000) Culture, text, and identity
(1992) Defining depersonalization and its association with mood and perceptual traits
(2000) "Defining the boundaries of autobiographical events: Separating the memorable from the insignificant"
(1992) Depression, self-concept and coeducation in children
(2000) Desire to be thinner is common among 8-year-old Finnish girls
(1992) Désorganisation du schéma corporel chez le traumatisé cranien: comparaison dans la restructuration
(2004) Determining the effective factors on the self concept on street children's 6-12 years
(2004) Developmental antecedents of the contingencies of self-worth
(2000) Developmental changes of perceived competence in Japanese children: II
(1992) Development of ethnic self-consciousness during the social change
(2004) Development of general self-esteem in adolescence
(2004) Development of self-concept of 9- to 13-year-old gifted and non-gifted children in China
(1992) Development of the self in family interactions
(1992) Développement differentiel du concept de soi au cours de l'adolescence
(2004) Deviant career and discursive repertoires of consumers of illegal substances
(1992) Dialogism and the self
(2004) Differences in body image in two culturally different samples
(2004) Different effect of self-efficacy on burnout in different ages
(2004) Disordered eating attitudes and behaviors among female university students in Beijing
(2000) Does excessive striving for money, fame and good looks make happy?
(2000) Drug-addiction, self-concept and net of support in adolescents
(2000) Dynamics of adolescent's (teen-ager's) self-consiosness
(2000) Early family environment, locus of control, self-concept and deviant behaviour among portuguese prisoners.
(2000) Effectiveness of Jikan-ho (a Japanese self-awareness technique) on stress reduction
(2004) Effect of graduates' love self-concept on behavior of communicating with heterosexual friends
(2004) Effect of participation in a 12-week aerobics dancing and tennis training program on social physique anxiety and physical self-perception
(2004) Effects of cognitive therapy in reducing depression and increasing self-concept compatibility
(2004) Effects of mental health and interpersonal relationship on self-perception compared with others
(2004) Effects of metacognitive abilities, self-efficacy, and social information on confidence judgments
(1992) Effects of personalistic self-disclosure on attraction
(1992) Effects of personalistic self-disclosure on attraction
(2000) Effects of self-esteem and performance feedback on autobiographical memory and performance expectations
(2004) Effects of self-evaluation on high school students' compositions
(2000) Effects of self-focus on "planning fallacy"
(2000) Ego identity in siblings of disabled children
(2000) Emotions and lifecycle identity formation: constructive, deconstructive, and reconstructive dynamics
(1992) Empathy and self concept
(1992) Enduring effects of self-esteem training
(2004) English self-concept of Chinese college English majors
(2000) Enhancing low-achievers self-concept through self-regulation:effects on math achievement
(2000) Estonian identity: invisible, small, and surviving
(1992) Evaluation of a group treatment program for victims of sexual abuse
(2004) Excessive reassurance seeking leads to decreases in inclusions of other in a friend's self
(1992) Exercise, self-concept and psychological well-being
(2000) Experiential and biophysical effects of the art of living programme
(2000) Experiential learning programmes for adults in South Africa: self esteem, motivation, cognitive reconstruction.
(2004) Experimental report on the research into the self-confidence of children between 5 and 6
(2004) Experimental research on self-confidence training among students in teachers' colleges
(2004) Experimental research on self-schema of different anxious types
(2004) Explaining subjective well being: The use of structural equation models
(2004) Explicit and implicit manifestations of the activation and psychodynamics of the attachment Behavioral System in Adulthood
(1992) Exploring the Indian and Japanese self in psychoanalytic therapy
(2000) Exploring the link between Milan Kundera's identity and a psychological construct of self in a South African context
(2000) Exploring the relation between self-concept clarity and coping in African-American and Hispanic adults
(2004) Factor analysis on OCSE of female graduates
(2000) Factorial validity of the Harter's (1988) self-perception profile for adolescents in Spanish adolescents
(1992) Factors associated with quality of life
(1992) Farmers' thinking orientation: effects of socio-cultural deprivation
(2000) Field dependence of the Japanese self: uncertainty of the selfhood and self-reorientation motive
(2004) From a self-esteem perspective to study face
(2004) From impulsiveness to procrastination: Testing the four components of self-control
(1992) Future time perspective and control orientation in different cultures
(2004) Future time perspective, values, perceived instrumentality and self concept among adolescents of private and public secondary schools and universities in Lima
(2000) Gender and ethnic differences in students' academic self-views among New Zealand engineering students
(2004) Gender difference in the relationship between self-construals and psychological well-being
(1992) Gender differences in basking in reflected glory
(2000) Gender identity of women with congenital adrenal hyperplasia
(2004) Gender stereotypes and self-perception in Korean college students
(2004) Genetic and environmental influences on self-concept in female preadolescent twins: Comparison of Korean and Minnesota data
(2000) Goal orientation of daily life events : using randomly sampled “photographic diaries”.
(2004) Heterogeneity of self-esteem: Secure and defensive self-esteem among Chinese
(2000) Homogeneity versus structure: a cross-cultural comparison of bases of ingroup identity
(2000) How being in the minority or majority of mixed sex group affects judgments of self-stereotyping
(1992) How the Japanese adolescents see their own future - the study of FTP in Japan
(2004) I can (not) avoid doing badly: The effects of perceived source of a negative self-relevant stereotype on performance
(2000) Identifying the self-esteem through self reports instruments
(2000) Identifying with being "homeless": positive and negative implications of surviving on the street
(2000) Identity formation in adolescence
(2000) Identity processes and contents through the years of later adulthood
(2000) Identity processes in adulthood: theoretical and methodological challenges
(2000) Identity self-esteem and anxiety: a casual model approach
(2000) "I'm not good at it" "I don't think so" "That's what I want to know!" : self-derogation for self-enhancement in Japan
(2000) Impact of acculturation on body images of students from mainland China: a qualitative approach
(2004) Impacts of culture and instrument on cross-cultural self-perception research - An example of cultural probe approach
(2004) Implicit and explicit representations of one's personality
(2000) Impression management and adolescent smoking
(2000) Improving self-esteem among unemployed young adults
(2000) Ind-coll. tendencies, self-descriptions, identity orientations, emotional experiences of Turkish adolescents
(2000) Individual differences of creativity and self-concept in school children: a qualitative analysis.
(2000) Individualism-collectivism and masculinity-feminity dimensions of the self in a cross-cultural perspective
(2000) Influence of mood in word choice
(2000) Influence of multidimensional self-concept on health-related lifestyle in Spanish middle adolescents
(2004) Influence of teachers' attribution style on self-efficacy
(1992) Instrumentality, expressivity, and self concept
(2004) Inter- and intra-cultural variations in self-other boundary
(2000) Investigations on the quality of life using a spontaneously described objects estimation method
(2000) Involuntary memories of emotional events
(2000) Is having high self-esteem always a good thing?
(1992) Is it still better to be a boy? A quantitative and qualitative analysis of student essays
(2000) Is overlap between the "3 forces" in psychology possible?
(2004) Is positive self-regard a universal human need? Definitely, YES
(2004) Is there a negative physical self-schema? Coding preferences and priming effects for college students
(1992) Japanese culture and self: multiple, unitary, and entropic
(2004) Laboral-educational project in the field of educational community
(1992) La conscience et la conscience de soi dans les oeuvres de Henri Wallop et S.L. Rubinstein
(1992) Lateralization of self-awareness processes
(2004) Life-lies and political refugees
(1992) Life satisfaction of urban elderly widowed and rural elderly widowed
(2000) Lifespan changes in personal significance.
(2000) Life standard and psychological status
(2000) L'image du corps dans l'anorexie mentale et les potentiels evoques cognitifs
(2000) Locus of control and certain other variables in neurotics and normals: a clinical study
(2000) Loneliness in Peru: validation of a loneliness scale in Peruvian sample
(1992) Longitudinal analysis of identity development and students' perception of the university environment
(1992) Loss of self in schizophrenia; a phenomenological and neurobiological analysis
(1992) Maintenance of the self-definition in old and very old age
(2000) Making connections among forms of violence against women and subsequent impact on women's mental health and self esteem
(2000) Many-sidedness of the teacher's of music self-image as the tool of an evaluation of his professionalism
(2000) Mémoire autobiographique et valorisation de soi
(2000) Metacognitive and control strategies in study-time allocation
(1992) Mothering, sense of self, and genderization of cognition
(1992) Multiple role identity and psychological well-being in older women
(1992) Narcissism and preconscious perception
(2000) Narrating the gendered and relational self: masculinities and 11-14 year old london boys.
(1992) National identity: a cross-national comparison
(1992) Nature of Indian self and some psychoculturally viable work organizations
(2004) Need satisfaction and resulting affect for Chinese and US traditional-age university students
(1992) Need satisfaction, competence and subjective health state investigated on psychosomatic and professional groups
(2000) Negotiating selves: the discursive silencing of gendered power in the self-accounts of swedish women.
(2004) Neural mechanisms underlying self-face processing
(2004) On the buffering effect of self-esteem on the negative emotional reactions to induced failure
(2000) Opposition and affirmation of "me": a study with children in day care.
(1992) Optimum bias: the role of cognitive errors in contingency judgements
(2004) Origins of the self: The Sufi standpoint
(2004) Parental belief systems, self conceptions and role taking by German fathers
(2000) Peculiarities of self-esteem of primary school children with different level of academic achievement
(1992) Perceived life satisfaction: an investigation based on the organization of personal project systems
(2004) Perception of social change and national identity among Hong Kong Chinese
(2000) Personal control in eating disorders
(2004) Personality and evaluative information: How Chinese people react differently to incoming evaluative information
(1992) Personality constructs: dimensions of personality or dimensions of self-concept?
(2000) Personality sychology: Filling the gap between basic processes and molar functioning
(1992) Personal Power Radiator
(2000) Personal significance: that which makes autobiographical memories autobiographical
(2000) Personal values and the struggle for human worth. The interplay between the individual and the work context.
(2004) Perspectives on self by narrative psychotherapy and psychiatry
(2004) Physical apearence and intimate friendship in adolescence
(2000) Positive self-regard, negative self-regard, and social comparison as dimensions of global self-esteem
(2000) Preadolescent symptomatology: a model of self and maternal object representations
(2000) Predicting different body change strategies among adolescents
(2000) Prevalence, incidence and prospective risk factors for eating disorders
(1992) Prévention des problèmes de comportement social chez des enfants
(1992) Processes and styles of developmental planning and regulation during adulthood
(1992) Profile of the chronic pain university student
(2000) Program evaluation in vocational rehabilitation - models and strategies
(2000) Projection bodility in the life plans of youth
(2000) Projective method for studying sexual self-consciousness
(2000) Protective self-processes in later life
(1992) Psychological adjustment in the aviation environment: the self-concept of the fighter pilot
(2004) Psychological and philosophical
(2000) Psychological predictors of achievements of gifted students
(2000) Psychologie et chirurgie esthétique
(1992) Psychology in Indian philosophic thought
(2004) Q-methodology and its application to Chinese university students' worldviews
(2000) Qualitative analysis of verbalizations about the self among kindergarten children
(2000) Quality of life for the old in the japanese culture - from the viewpoint of retaining vital involvement
(2000) Rapist's attitudes on rape
(2004) Reducing positive biases for the self
(2000) Reflected appraisals and the experience of stigma: self-concept and intellectual disabilities
(1992) Relations between family communication and self-concept
(2004) Relations between physical activity and physical self-description of university students
(1992) Relationship between attitudes toward self and attitudes toward some complex social orientations
(2004) Relationship between Reliance on God and Self-Esteem
(2004) Relationship between school adjustment and narcissistic tendency in high school students
(1992) Relationship between self-concept and creative abilities in Greek primary school pupils
(2004) Relationship between self-concept and the academic achievement among university students
(1992) Relationship of assertiveness and mascfem, locus of control, achievement orientation, coping styles and self concept
(2000) Relationships between privately/publicly shy subtypes and fearful/self-conscious shy subtypes
(2004) Reliability and validity of a multifaceted scale of self-recognition need in Japanese adolescents
(2004) Religiosity and Self-Construal: Interdependence in an Individualistic Culture
(2004) Research on influencing factors of well-being for high school students
(2004) Research on self-concept of adolescents and relations with academic achievement
(2004) Research on self-concept of pupils in urban or rural areas
(2004) Research on self-oriented perfectionism tendencies of college students and their relationships with mental health
(2004) Research on special domain self-esteem development of adolescent
(2004) Research on the relationship between head teacher's interactional style and pupil's self-concept
(2004) Research on the relations of every level of juvenile offenders' self-esteem
(2000) Schéma de soi et addictions
(2000) Schéma de soi, image du corps et handicap physique
(1992) Schematic projective techniques as personality assessment
(1992) Scripts and kinds of stimulus-person as factors affecting the Oneself/Another asymmetry
(2004) Self and emotion in people with dementia: Some theoretical considerations from an Asian view
(2004) Self and its relations with individual adjustment toward social life in 21st century (the study of the student of Padjadjaran University social life adjustment West Java, Indonesia)
(2004) Self and memory
(2004) Self-awareness and satisfaction with care in patients with and without higher cortical dysfunctions
(2004) Self - concept among final year engineering students in a university college
(2000) Self-concept and academic performance
(1992) Self-concept: an integrated approach
(2004) Self-concept, coping style of different peer relationship students in junior school
(1992) Self-concept development during the primary school years in Hong Kong
(2000) Self-concept evaluation of kindergarten children
(2004) Self concept features of students majoring in art management
(2004) Self-concept of adolescents with behavioural problems-qualitative approach
(1992) Self-concept of Australian and Singaporean children: a cross-cultural comparison
(2004) Self-concept of gifted children aged 9, 11 and 13
(2004) Self-concept of persons with traumatic brain injury (TBI) as compared with healthy people
(1992) Self-concept of Singaporean primary and secondary school students
(1992) Self-construal and depression proneness: toward a social cognitive perspective
(2000) Self-construals and subjective norms in the theory of planned behavior in Ethiopia
(2004) Self-construals in different contexts among high-school students
(1992) Self-definition: The art of self-creation
(2004) Self-descriptions: Comparison of gifted young students, excellent students and normal students in China
(2000) Self-diagnosis during youth career choice.
(1992) Self discrepancies and perceived peer acceptance
(2000) Self-discrepancy and distress: emotional correlates of others' failure to verify self-views
(2000) Self efficacy and academic success among first year university students
(2000) Self efficacy and quality of life assessment in the elderly
(2000) Self-efficacy beliefs,intrinsic motivation and its relationship with academic achievement.
(2000) Self-enhancement and self-criticism in Japanese culture; an experimental analysis
(2004) Self-enhancing evaluation among Japanese
(2000) Self-esteem and academic achievement in Zimbabwean adolescents
(2000) Self-esteem and parent-child interaction
(1992) Self-esteem and social support as predictors of subjective well-being in Indian aged
(2004) Self-esteem in cultural contexts
(2004) Self-esteem is psychological basis for the 'education with respect'
(2004) Self-esteem mechanism and its enlightenment in school education
(2004) Self-esteem of the children in poverty
(2000) Self-esteem structure and personality: comparing eating disorder patients and healthy controls
(2004) Self esteem
(2004) Self, goals, and life satisfaction
(2000) Self-identification and self-reported effects of multiracial Japanese Americans
(2004) Self image in gifted children in school failure situation
(2004) 'Self' in schizophrenia: An fMRI study
(2000) Self-monitoring and decision making styles
(1992) Self-narratives
(1992) Self-organisation theory of creative thinking
(2004) Self-other connectedness in samples from China, India and Canada
(1992) Self-perceived health status and health practices in middle age and in old people
(1992) Self-perception and cognitive-social complexity
(2004) Self-perception of a group of clinical adolescents about their emotional problems
(2000) Self-perceptions, social support and anxiety in children and adolescents with movement difficulties
(2000) Self-realization of personality: model, criterials, mechanisms
(2004) Self-reference effect and meta-attitude as self-knowledge
(2004) Self-regulation and self-esteem in the academical students
(2000) Self-regulation: the emotional and behavioral consequences of discrepancies with standards and goals
(2004) Self related cognitions and experiences as sources of psychic health and psychopathology
(2004) Self-schemas and implicit processing information about the self
(2004) Self-stigma and attribution of discrimination among mainland Chinese new arrivals in Hong Kong
(2000) Sense of coherence, locus of control and self-efficacy as predictors of job satisfaction
(1992) Sense of control and life-satisfaction on the eve of middle-age
(2004) Setting, planning, and pursuing personal projects: A goal management program for people in a life transition
(2004) Seven-years longitudinal research of Russian teen-ager's self-esteem
(1992) Sex differences in self-descriptions using the language of personality
(2000) Sex-role internalisation of persons with sexual deviations
(1992) Sex role orientation and its relationship to the development of identity and moral thought
(2004) Shame and self actualization: Hypnotic treatment
(2004) Should we be surprised when measures of implicit and explicit self-evaluation are not correlated? Some considerations from a functional perspective on personality
(2000) Smoking cessation and alcohol dependency-problems and first results of a cessation program
(2000) Social anxiety, depression and self-regulation
(1992) Social class differences in identity development among Egyptian adolescents
(2000) Social comparison, self-regulation, and task performance: timing is everything
(2000) Social psychology and intergroup conflict
(2000) Social support and well-being in old age: the "muffle effect" of self-esteem.
(2000) Societal trauma recovery in Georgia
(2000) Sociohistorical refractions of developmentental models
(2000) Some directions for research on identity in adulthood
(2004) Stability of personal identity across cultures
(2000) Strategies of self-esteem maintaining and individual differences in social cognition
(1992) Stress, personality factors and their influence in construction of the self-image in adolescence
(1992) Structure and purpose in the use of time
(2004) Structure of self-knowledge: Is self-concept represented independently of autobiographical memory?
(2000) Student opinions as factors that impact on their academic success
(2000) Studying the relationship between self-concept and expressiveness-instrumental traits scale.
(2004) Study of the relationship between four mental health indicatores: Self-esteem, happiness, anxiety and locus of control in Iranian male and female students at Azad Islamic university
(2004) Study on relations among students' prosocial behavior, interpersonal trust, social desirability and self-esteem in the elementary and middle schools
(2004) Study on the dimensionalities of mental self-support of college students
(2004) Study on the life-span theory of control in successful aging: Control strategy, self-esteem and life-satisfaction
(2004) Study on the optimal limen of sports to act on shaping active self-conception
(2004) Study on the relationship between parent-adolescent communication and adolescents' self-esteem, depress, shyness
(2004) Suggested a kind of group therapy for creating a harmony among the sources of self knowledge
(2004) Survey of the public view of self-strengthening
(2004) Survey on the relationship between children's self-concept and academic achievement
(2004) Taoist methods of dissolving the self
(2000) Teacher behaviours impairing positive student self-concepts
(2000) Teacher behaviours promoting positive student self-concepts
(2004) Teachers' efficacy in learning dance
(2004) The 3-tier model of physical self-perception in young children: Examination of its infrastructure
(2004) The analysis of body esteem and global self-esteem between athletes and non-athlete undergraduates
(2004) The analysis of the structure for self-efficacy of military aviators
(2004) The association of body-evaluation variables and social physique anxiety
(2000) The bidimensional multifaceted structure of gender role identity
(2000) The change of self concept in chronic end-stage renal disease patients
(2004) The Chinese version of Wallace Self-concept Scale: Psychometrics and application
(1992) The cognitive modelling of the I and its reflection in spatial constructions
(2004) The comparative studies on the well-being, self-concept and life events of private and public college students
(1992) The construction of personal identity
(1992) The construction process of the psychologist's identity
(2000) The contemporary Russian personality: consciousness resources and adaptation level to social changes
(2000) The developmental significance of birth-names: an African perspective from Cameroon
(2004) The development of AMCMS Scale and its assessment in Chinese junior
(1992) The development of future-orientation in a life-span context
(2004) The development of negative physical self scale (NPSS) in Chinese adolescents
(2000) The development of reading self-concepts in children: a cross-cultural validation study
(2004) The development of self-understanding
(1992) The dialogical self: a constructionist view of the possibilities of the mind
(2004) The dynamics of Identity Traumas: Suicide and suicide terror
(2000) The dynamics of personality and health: a hierarchical model considering the role of self-esteem
(2000) The effect of ingroup status and self-esteem on stereotyping
(2004) The effect of modesty as self-presentation strategy
(1992) The effect of private self-consciousness and perfectionism on neurotic sufferings
(2000) The effect of self-acceptance and cognitive-structure to psychological stress response
(2000) The effect of self-monitoring in black children with autism
(2004) The effect of self-talk skill training on self-confidence
(2004) The effect of sharing the cultural self-presentational norm on self-derogative communication in Japan
(2004) The effect of the junior high school students' interpersonal-relationship on the general self-concept
(2004) The effect of trampolining activity on physical self-perception in junior secondary boys
(2004) The effects of explicit self-esteem and implicit self-esteem on self-handicapping
(2004) The effects of gestalt group counseling on self-esteem of matthayomsuksa one students.
(2004) The effects of outward bound on 8-16-year-old children's self-concept
(2004) The effects of outward bound on children's self-concept
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