2000 Stockholm Congress Abstract

Tactile display system: active and passive-guided application

AuthorBarry Richardson (1), & John M. Kennedy (2)
Location(1) Dep.of Psych.Monash Univ.Australia; (2) Univ.Toronto Ontario
Abstract Number30506.03
CopyThe claim that active perception is better than passive needs reconsideration. First, the distinction is not easy to make. Second, some channels of information in touch are inherently passive, some are not. Third, in artificial conditions no predictions can be made from the claim. Fourth, tactile displays are of many kinds, som favouring passive exploration, som of our studies with raised-line letters and pictures find. Fifth, some active exploration is very demanding cognitively. Sixth, perception may respond to information no matter how it is obtained, actively or passively.
SessionActive versus passive touch revisited: The relative importance of cutaneous and kinesthetic information
Convener and ChairGunnar Jansson, Uppsala University, SWEDEN