2000 Stockholm Congress Abstract

The process of "waigaya": discovery beyond expectation

AuthorPhilippe Byosiere (1), Atsushi Endo (2), Emiko Hino (3), Takeshi Kashimura (4), & Kaoru Mano (5)
Location(1) Japan Adv. Inst. Science & Technology; (2) JAIST; (3) JAIST; (4) JAIST; (5) JAIST
Abstract Number11617.06
CountryTatsunokuchi, Nomi, Ishikawa, Japan
CopyDialogue among the members of an organization is one of the most important processes in the creation of new knowledge. We analyze the process of "waigaya", an indigenous Japanese term, reflecting the sound of voices made by individual members of a group. "Waigaya" can be situated between chatting and problem-solving. The anatomy of the "waigaya" process is described by focusing on the enigmatic leadership role performed by "Nori-san" and the constructive criticism role performed by "Kechi-san". We address the implications of discovery beyond expectation, and the trust, equality and, mutual respect relations among the members of the "waigaya" group.
SessionLeadership and group processes