This book aims to trace the development of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS), not only since its founding at the 14th International Congress of Psychology at Stockholm, 1951, but going back to 1881 when a young Polish psychologist first proposed the ideas of an international congress and of an international association of psychological societies. These ideas soon bore fruit in the 1st International Congress of Psychology in 1889 and the formation of the International Congress Committee. These, in turn, led to the long series of international congresses which continue today and, eventually, to formation of the Union.

To trace this history, we have consulted the published proceedings of every International Congress of Psychology to date, and also the extensive archives of minutes of the Assemblies and meetings of the Executive Committees of the IUPsyS. Reports of some of these meetings have been published by the Secretaries-General of the IUPsyS, but the majority are available only in the archives, so this book reveals much information that has previously been unavailable to the public.

We regret that this historical project started only in 1998 when it was no longer possible to obtain first-hand accounts from the first generation of officers and members of the Executive Committee of the IUPsyS. We hope that current and future officers and members of the Executive Committee will contribute pertinent accounts and correspondence to the archives, and that officers of national psychological organizations will also preserve records of future historical value.

As a first step of organizing this history, David Bélanger, Wayne H. Holtzman, and Mark R. Rosenzweig met together at Berkeley in August 1998 and also in San Francisco with members of the Executive Committee. Later David Bélanger had to reduce the time he had hoped to devote to the project, and Michel Sabourin joined the authors. First drafts of Chapters 1–6 were prepared by Rosenzweig, Chapters 7–9 by Sabourin, Chapters 10–14 by Holtzman, and Chapter 15 by Pierre Ritchie, Secretary-General of the IUPsyS. All chapters were reviewed by all authors and by officers of the IUPsyS. We are indebted especially to Géry d’Ydewalle, President of the IUPsyS, and to Pierre Ritchie, for help at many points during preparation of the manuscript. We also thank some members of the Executive Committee—Bruce Overmier, Cigdem Kagitcibasi, and John Adair—for contributing draft paragraphs on topics of their expertise. We would also like to thank Luis Montoro González (1982) and Maria José González Solaz (1998) for providing us with copies of their informative unpublished doctoral theses from the University of Valencia on the International Congresses of Psychology (1889–1960 and 1963–1984, respectively). Thanks are due to all those who provided photographs of psychologists and participants at the international congresses. Finally, we thank colleagues at Psychology Press for their help and cooperation in the rapid and expert preparation of the book in time for the Stockholm Congress.

We would enjoy hearing from those who may have additional records or information about the history of the IUPsyS and the international congresses of psychology, both to supplement our own knowledge and so that the archives of the IUPsyS may be as complete as possible.

Mark R. Rosenzweig
Wayne H. Holtzman
Michel Sabourin
David Bélanger